Six Things you didn’t know about Air Coolers in India


With the end of winters clearly in view and the summers just around the corner, most of us are searching for better and more efficient cooling options. If you are searching for the best air cooler in India for your home, the five tips listed below will help you in choosing the one that perfectly fits your needs among the best air coolers in India.

  1. History

Unlike air conditioners, air coolers have a rich past. Civilizations through the ages have been coming up with their own unique and clever versions of air cooling. The first use of air cooler can be probably dated back to Persia where a wind catcher was developed which used the concept of evaporative cooling for efficiency. After being caught by shafts, the air would pass by cool water and thus keep the entire building cool and pleasant.


  1. Energy Efficient

An air cooler is energy efficient and consumes merely 33% more energy than a ceiling fan. While there is always a risk of respiratory diseases and skin infections caused due to air conditioners, air coolers are much safer as they have humidifiers which help in providing clean, fresh and healthy air.


  1. Protects from Pollution

Medical experts claim that regular air conditioners can lead to severe problems like asthma attacks as the unclean filters which are used in it can give rise to dust mites and various types of bacteria. On the other hand, an air cooler has dust filters which work as a shield against mosquitos and other harmful elements and thus provide cool, fresh and healthy air.


  1. Easy to maintain

One of the main reasons why air coolers are generally preferred over air conditioners is that they are extremely easy to maintain and do not require any extra effort from the end of the user. Most of them come equipped with easily accessible and refillable water tanks that last for about 10 hours. If one wishes to extend the operational period, a cooler with a hose connection would be an excellent option. Moreover, all air cooler filters can be easily removed and cleaned thoroughly. Thus, air coolers seem to be a more hygienic option than air conditioners. Cleaning an air conditioner is indeed a tedious job.


  1. Depend on Location

The points stated above reflected the bright side of the picture. However, there is a factor that you need to keep in mind even while choosing among the best air coolers in India. Air coolers are more suited for places with a hot and dry climate. A humid environment is not conducive to the efficient use of air coolers as moisture in a large proportion is already present in the air and it is thus quite difficult for evaporation to take place. A humidity of about 20% is essential below which they can worsen the air condition of a room.


  1. Working

What many people are not familiar with is how an air cooler actually functions. The cool mechanism of an air cooler is very easy and understanding it thoroughly will help you in taking better care of your appliance. The natural process of evaporation aids in the working of an air cooler. When hot and dry air of the room is sucked in through a highly efficient water-soaked pad, it evaporates and gives back cool and pleasant air. This cool air is then circulated in the entire room with the help of a fan which is fitted in the cooler.


This article will you give a better insight when it comes to the very best air coolers in India. To get more information refer to sites like, etc.